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Michael Harrison If you're into ridiculously great Alternative Rock, then check out this album! It grips you by your throat from beat 001. It's a wonderful, wild ride all the way through. Then it blasts off to my personal favorite track at the very end. Bravo boys. It sounds like you had a blast making it, and I had a blast listening. Keep it up! Favorite track: Melatonin.
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released March 25, 2017



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TUSK Winnipeg, Manitoba

TUSK was formed in the spring of 2016 in Winnipeg, MB. Drawing from a wide array of influences, stereo guitars, searing vocals and swarms of effects engulf the listener in a wall of sound. From sculpted ambience to sharp tongues and fuzz pedals, TUSK envelopes its audience in atmosphere; a tonal journey through every performance. Their debut EP will be available today. ... more

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Track Name: Acupuncture
She says she can't think,
She drinks herself awake,
Nothing more to give,
Nothing more to take,

Where are all my friends,
They aren't where I put them,
Chasing day-old memories,
Until they disappear,
Track Name: Millennials
Go jump into the pool,
The water's warm outside,
You may feel like you're so cool,
Hardly feel like you're alive

We could go down to the mouth,
Watch those lively fish swim 'round,
You could dig your toes in sand,
Pick a rock up off the ground,

You could hang out with your friends,
Even though you're not around,
See the screen light up their face,
Smash your phone into the ground,
Track Name: Coma
I've gone,
Where I've never been,
Somewhere in between,
Teach a boy to dream,
Wasted like the king,

Wasted like the king,
Wasted like the king,
Wasted like the king,

Sold me,
Sold me to the man,
Tastes good,
To see you again,
Memories obscene,
Wasted like the king,

Wasted like the king,
Wasted like the king,
Wasted like the king,
Track Name: Stowed
Age of Innocence,
Falling down like bad jokes,
Time of rebirth been,

So we wait,
So we wait,

Ceramic nerves,
Break when struck by,
Abstract enemies,

Who bleed,
They bleed,
Track Name: Melatonin
I am the broken sparrow,
Just go and pick me off my edge,
Hated the broken martyr,
The one who pushed me off that ledge,

Lie down my darling,
Sweet melatonin,

Time to pretend its gone again,
(It's gone, it's gone)
Time to pretend Its gone again,
(It's gone, it's gone)

I am the aimless wanderer,
Look for a place to rest my head,
This world of greed and hunger,
Haunts my mind until I'm dead,

Lie down my darling,
Sweet melatonin,